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  1. What a wonderful idea! (I found you though kickstarter) Matt very much reminds me of friends we have made traveling through the mountains of NC. I can’t wait to see the finished project. My family and I live full time in our Camper. We create RV lifestlyle videos on youtube “CampColombo” which are quickly gaining popularity. We have a similar idea we want to start up soon. Showing the creativity, hard workers, and good hearted people that made America what it is. Some good for the soul viewing with our familiy in our camper as a guide. Showing all the reasons why we should to fall back in love with America when most think it is are falling apart. Good luck to you all with this. Matt will be fun for the viewers to follow!

  2. David Wright says:

    Great job Matt. See you at Galax.

  3. Guy Tanczos says:

    Great site, lookin forward to more of your videos. Are ya goin to Clifftop? What’s the name of the tune you all are playin in the 1st video? I’d like to learn thatin.

  4. Adam Henderson says:

    Hey, Matt …
    Man, what y’all are doing here is great stuff … it is so important to capture and chronicle people and their crafts and ways! I really enjoyed that first episode, and can’t wait for more. All the best in your efforts!

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