A Great Week of Visiting

We landed in Nashville, met up with Matt Kinman and our crew (Ben, Ian, Nick, Olivia, Gary and our backbone Jeremiah) and headed out.20130526-100740.jpg
Our first stop took us to the Newberry Farm down in Jennings Creek near Red Boiling Spring, TN.
Spending time with Mark Newberry at his family’s place was a true joy. Hearing the families history and making a crooked back chair from a hickory pole we pulled out of the forest, exactly how his family has been making them for five generations, was really special. 20130526-101247.jpg
Please check out their website, take a look at their chairs and read about the family’s history: http://www.newberryandsonschairs.com/. True American craftspeople.20130526-101718.jpg

Our next stop was Paris, TN to visit with Jonathan Ferrell, wood worker, farmer and blacksmith. Jonathan showed us where he works at The Homeplace at the Land Between the Lakes (http://www.lbl.org/HPGate.html). 20130526-102800.jpg
The Homeplace is an 1850s working farm with historic cabins, barns, and outbuildings – there is no electricity on the farm. We had the pleasure of cooking stew on the open fire, plowing with Proctor the mule , and smithing chain to be used hauling logs from the forest.20130526-103029.jpg
Dan Wallace, a tobacco farmer, of Bumpus Mills, TN, stopped by and we got to enjoy some great southern fiddle and banjo music with Jonathan and Matt.20130526-102233.jpg
Now, it’s back to the road and down to North Carolina for more stories from the Back Porch of America.

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  1. Margaret Hamilton says:

    Wow!! Can’t wait for the video.

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